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Boost Rental Security In Your Home With These Simple Tips

Let’s be honest: renting can be risky. Unless you’re living in a friend or family member’s rental property, you don’t ever fully know what you’re getting into, and that can be scary for many people.

We’re not here to scare you out of being a renter, but it’s essential you be vigilant no matter where you are. That also means you can’t be afraid to speak up. If your landlord doesn’t know your concerns, how are they going to help you? While they may not be able to install a state-of-the-art security system, they can certainly change a few locks if necessary.

Home security is a critical part of being a renter. You want to feel at home. Sometimes, you need to involve your landlord or property managers to feel complete rental security. They can’t get involved if you don’t vocalize any issues, though. We’ve compiled a few tips that will help keep you safe in whatever rental property you decide to inhabit.


Lock It Up

We alluded to the importance of locks in our introduction, but it can’t be understated. In many cases, you’re not the first person to live in the rental property you’re going into. If you happen to be, you’re set with a pretty clean slate. If not, then you need to make sure all your locks are taken care of.

The best place to start is requesting your landlord or property manager install a new lock for your front door. Since you don’t know who the previous tenant may have given key copies to, it’s good to make sure those people don’t have access to your rental. If your landlord or property manager isn’t willing to cover the cost, it’s still a good idea, but ask before you go ahead and spend your own money.

For people who live in ground-level suites, home security is especially important when it comes to windows. There’s always a possibility that someone may try to break in through a window. If your windows have locks on them, that makes things a lot more difficult for a potential burglar. Adding a simple lock system onto your windows is an easy and effective security measure you can take.


Proper Lighting

Burglars are kind of like bats — they hate light. A well-lit rental property means the chances of exposing a burglar become greater. That also means they’ll probably think twice about breaking in. Start by making sure all the bulbs inside your rental are bright and working at full capacity. The last thing you want is missing light sources with dimly-lit rooms and hallways.

If you live in a detached rental, make sure there’s proper lighting outside as well. You need to see what’s going on in your backyard or outside your front door. This will not only give you a clear view of any suspicious activity but also peace of mind. The last thing you want is to hear noises in the dark and not know if it’s a raccoon or person lurking in the shadows.


Communicate with the Property Manager or Landlord 

Whether you’re dealing with a landlord or property manager, you need to have a chat with them about the rental. Make sure you’re fully aware of any problem areas before moving in. Even after moving in, keep that line of communication with the property operator open should any security issues pop up.

To ensure your safety, finding a registered rental listing through a property management company is always the best route. Click the residential button on this page to check out our latest Vancouver Island rental listings to find your next home today. 

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