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Increase Your Curb Appeal With These Simple Tips


Sprucing up your home is an essential part of upkeep, especially if you’re looking to sell or rent. But if you’re having trouble doing either, perhaps it’s time to look outside. When was the last time you gave your exterior a facelift? If you can’t remember when, or worst-case scenario, you’ve never done it, now’s the time to touch up your landscape.


Selling your home? Chances are most realtors will tell you to improve your curb appeal to boost the price of your house. Same for homeowners looking to rent. When you opt to hire a property manager, you get a leg up on how to make your rental property more attractive to renters. A great place to start is on the outside of your home. Remember: first impressions can last a lifetime, and if you want to create strong first impressions, try out these three tips.


Dress Up Your Door

Want to stand out from the crowd? A simple and relatively inexpensive way to catch someone’s eye is by upgrading your door. This doesn’t mean replacing it with a brand-spanking new, trendy looking door. Doors don’t always come cheap so if you’re looking to revamp your current door, a fresh coat of paint will do. Take it a step further and choose a different but complementary colour to your house. Think red, yellow, green or blue, all colours that make a statement without having to paint the whole house. Make sure to clean and polish all your door fixtures, such as handles, knobs and locks, and if possible, install some new fittings.


Repaint Those Walls

Speaking of fresh paint, if you’re willing to spend a little more time, money and energy, giving your whole house a new paint job is a great way to get someone’s attention. While statement colours are beautiful for your door, there’s no need to go bright and out there for your whole house (but don’t let us stop you!). Choosing a neutral colour to clean up the look of your home can do wonders. People are less likely to give your house a chance if they can see chipped paint from the sidewalk. Would you?


Use That Green Thumb

If the lead-up to your home is looking a little bland, you may want to consider more greenery. This could mean an overhaul of your landscape complete with a garden and planted trees that line your walkway or perhaps it’s as simple as adding some outdoor plants by the door. Potted or hanging plants evoke a feeling of warmth and welcome and you can pick those up at any home garden centre or even flower shop. If you’re looking to get your hands a little dirtier, think about planting a few flower beds or trees in your front yard. Your home will look happier and well-loved from any outsider who walks by.


These are three easy fixes to not only improve curb appeal but increase the value of your home. The more love you pour in, the more people will notice and appreciate it. If you’re in Victoria, BC, and looking for the right property managers, look no further. We’ve been doing this since 1887 and we know how to protect the value of your home. Get in touch with us to see how we can take your rental to the next level. And if you don’t want to miss more home improvement tips, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list.

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