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Victoria Landlord posts ad on Usedvictoria- ” Please take my Tenant”


Jake Corr, a Victoria Landlord is going above and beyond to find someone to “take” his tenant.

On December 8th, Corr turned to Used Victoria where he posted an ad looking for someone to “Please take my tenant!!!”.

The need for someone to take his tenant isn’t because long term tenant Dustin is a terrible tenant – in fact it’s the exact opposite – Dustin is a great tenant!

In the two-and-a-half years Dustin has been renting from Corr, Dustin is reported to be “respectful, clean and easy to live with”.

Corr and his wife are expecting twins, and therefore need the space currently rented by Dustin. The original plan was to purchase a new home and take Dustin along to rent the suite. However, due to the pandemic and pregnancy, the purchase of a new home is put on hold for the time being.

Dustin works at the Esquimalt Shipyards, and from the ad Corr mentions that Dustin is a big guy with tattoos, “so maybe he doesn’t give off the best impression if you see him across the street”.

Our Managing Broker Claire Flewelling-Wyatt saw this story and felt it was important to include in our publication, with this note:

“There is no doubt, there are some tenants who do not follow the rules and cause undo stress… in our day to day, we sometimes forget to focus on the good ones! Thank you, Jake Corr, for reminding us of this.”

The ad can be found at 

Happy Holidays from all the staff at Pemberton Holmes Property Management

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