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Ugly Carpet in Your Rental? Here’s How to Deal with It

We all have deal-breakers when searching for a new home to rent. It could be basement suites (who doesn’t love natural light, after all), no oven, tiny bathrooms or a lack of closet space. But one thing most people will agree they don’t want to see is carpet.

While you might get lucky and find a spot with brand new carpet, chances are you’ll be looking at decade-old, dingy carpet that’s seen a few different tenants in its time. You might wonder why the landlord hasn’t replaced it, but changing the floor is costly. That’s why they tend to get the absolute most out of a rental’s carpet.

Hardwood floors are the dream, but don’t let carpet stop you from taking what could otherwise be a perfect home for you. It’s only a rental, so no one’s asking you to invest the money to replace it. Instead, here are a few tips you can use to deal with an ugly carpet situation.


Bust Out the Hoover

In fact, skip the hoover and go straight to a professional cleaner. Before you unpack, make sure you give your carpet a good inspection. If there are any stains or smells, stop what you’re doing and look for a professional cleaner. Ask your landlord to get them cleaned before you move in as many will agree to get them cleaned in between tenants. If they don’t agree, however, it may well be worth it to shell out for one yourself. A good cleaning can get rid of age-old dirt, grime, stains, and odours — all things you don’t want. Now it may not change the colour or pile, but you may feel more comfortable going barefoot on the carpet! Plus, it’ll look brighter, fresher, and better overall.


Hey, Look Over There!

So you’ve gotten it cleaned, but the carpet’s still an eye-sore. What do you do? Well, we doubt you’re planning on spending the rest of your lease looking only at the ceiling, so distract yourself with something better. Your eyes need a distraction, and the best way to do that is by decorating your walls with something more diverting. If your landlord gives permission or it’s written in your lease, break out the paint! Use colours that’ll draw your eye up from the floor, but that’ll still complement the colour of the carpet. We said distract, not clash. If painting isn’t in the cards, wall decals, funky wallpaper, art, or even window treatments are all great alternative options. Don’t go too crazy, though. Pick one or two distractions, so you’re not cluttering the room. The idea is to draw your eyes to something more enjoyable, not overwhelm them.


Think Layers

Area rugs are perfect on nearly any kind of surface, and it’s no different over hideous carpeting. It might sound strange if you’ve never seen rugs on top of carpet, but placing area rugs are a great way to attract the eye and cover up anything unsightly. You don’t need to limit yourself to one rug, either. Get creative! Try layering multiple rugs on top of one another, or use more than one rug in a room to create the illusion of different spaces.

An ugly carpet isn’t the end of the world, and it shouldn’t stop you from taking a great place. If you’re ready to make a move, take a look at our residential listings all over Vancouver Island or get in touch with us today. We’ll find you your next rental home — carpet or otherwise.

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