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Simple Tricks To Keep Your Property Warm!

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Winter has arrived and so have those dips in temperature. Cue the cozy nights at home with friends and family. We love getting snug but more home time means higher heating bills. And to that, we say no thank you. Winterizing your home can be expensive and time-consuming but we’re here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re a renter or owner, have a big budget or small, we have a few tips to keep your house warm and save you money.


A good set of curtains can tie a room together but you’d be surprised what they can also do in the winter. During the day, open up your curtains and take advantage of the natural heat from the sun. When the sun goes down, close them for another layer of insulation and to keep heat in. And you thought this was too easy to be true.

Clean Furnace Filters

Just like with those old vacuum cleaners, you should be cleaning or replacing your filters every month in the winter. Removing all the excess dirt will increase the airflow and lessen energy demand. That means more heat in your home, less stress on your wallet.

Programmable Thermostats

Looking for an easy, low-cost fix to your home? Switch out those old thermostats for one you can program! Say goodbye to manually turning the heat on and off. “Aim to set your main room thermostat somewhere between 18°C and 21°C. It’s also a good idea to set your thermostat to one temperature and then use a timer to turn it on and off when you need the heating most.

Block All Drafts

Many homes, especially if they’re old, have leaks, gaps and drafts riddled all over. Thankfully, there are many DIY projects to draft-proof your house. Feeling the cold air under your doors? Try a sausage dog draught excluder or perhaps a simple rolled-up towel. Look for some insulating tape or film to fill the gaps around your windows. By finding and filling those leaks, you’ll also reduce condensation.

Radiator Panels

For anyone with radiators, this one is a favourite as it’s incredibly easy to install. Even better, it’s easy to make for all you DIY types. Place some foil insulation behind your radiator to help bounce the heat back into the room. Create your own with thin card sheet and aluminum foil or buy some at your local hardware store.

We know property management can be tough but little tips like this will make it easier. And at least we can take to heart that here in Victoria, BC, we’ve got the best winter weather in the country.

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