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Is Your Bathroom Too Small? Check Out These Space-Saving Tips


Space is a premium in today’s real estate market. Most apartments for rent are getting less and less affordable, and the square footage seems to shrink every yearBut if you can maximize the space you do have, your tenants can live a comfortable, chic life and make your rental property more attractiveWhile adopting a minimalist life is one way to enjoy more floor space in a home, it won’t solve the small bathroom dilemma. How do you get the most out of a tiny bathroom? You may not be able to fit a clawfoot bathtub, but read on for a few tips on making your bathroom a more comfortable space.

Brighten Up the Room

This is a great tip for any part of your home that wants to look more spacious — go white on white. White walls tend to reflect more light, making the room feel more airy and open. So when you want to remodel, think white paint, white tiles, white vanity, even white finishes.
For those who balk at all white, don’t fret. Trying light, bright tones work, too. You can even go tonal using warm colours, soft greys and light pastel colours.
Don’t forget your lighting, either. This can go a long way in a bathroom, especially if you lack a window. Your white walls need light to reflect off of, so lighting fixtures that direct light to different locations will give you the same effect. Plus, having a darkly-lit bathroom isn’t great for those who need to shave or put their make-up on. We don’t want an accident, do we?
And last, but certainly not least, get yourself a nice, big mirror. Just like your white tiles and bright walls, a well-installed mirror can do wonders for your space. In fact, if you need to choose between re-tiling your bathroom and buying a large, more expensive mirror, you’ll likely save a lot more with the mirror. You’ll still get a dramatic change for a fraction of the cost.

Is Your Vanity Getting in the Way?

Of course, we don’t mean how much you admire yourself in the mirror, we mean your bathroom vanity. Bulky vanities and sinks are a prime example of how to misuse floor space in your bathroom. Most people need some storage space in the bathroom, so if possible, opt for a floating vanity over one that touches the groundSeeing the floor underneath will give it the illusion of more space without sacrificing storage space underneath the sinkHowever, if storage isn’t a priority, try something smaller to add more negative space around your vanity, or even a pedestal sinkYou may not be able to store soap and toothbrushes on the sink itself, so look for wall-mounted options to save on space.

Ditch the Curtains

Curtains have their purpose but in a small bathroom, they only create an extra visual wall which you don’t need. Install a glass panel or door to expand the look of your space. If you’re doing a complete renovation, skip the bathtub altogether and try a shower stall insteadYou’re guaranteed to free up a good chunk of your floor space (if you don’t go too big), and it’ll be easier for anyone to get in and out of the shower. But don’t think glass panels or doors are for stalls only. If you’re intent on keeping the tub, choose a door that slides rather than opens out. Not only will you be able to see the entire bathroom at a glance, but the door won’t encroach on any precious space you have. If you need a little privacy, frosted or tinted panels work great. They allow light to filter in without making you feel claustrophobic.
A bathroom renovation or upgrade might seem costly, but they’re known to increase your property’s value. Not to mention, any tenants you have will thank you for it. There’s no need to go whole-hog, either. Doing it piece-meal is an excellent way to get it done without dropping big bucks all at once.
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