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8 Qualities that make a good Tenant!

Every landlord’s worst nightmare is obtaining a bad Tenant. If a lease is signed, the tenant could cause problems for up to 12 months.  From paying rent late, causing havoc with surrounding neighbors, and causing unreasonable damage to the property causing endless costly repairs.


Securing a reliable tenant will help reduce a landlord’s maintenance costs and minimize wear and tear. So, what makes a good tenant?


1.) – Submitting a detailed application- Supplying all required information on the Application and contact details for references.

2.) – Having a good Tenant Record- not listed on any tenant databases.

3.) – Easy to communicate with- Responsive and friendly communication.

4.) – Pays rent on time – Never defaults on the rent, and if rent may be late, they communicate that in advance.

5.) – Accommodating- Provides easy access for the Inspections and trades as required.

6.) – Treat the Rental as their own- Advises on any maintenance issues as noticed. Keeps the property clean and tidy.

7.) – Respect the Tenancy Agreement – Will adhere to the agent’s policy and uphold the lease rules and terms.

8.) – Have Renters Insurance- To protect the Tenants belongings and temporary living arrangements in the event of displacement.


Nurturing a healthy business relationship between landlord and tenant is key. To do so, be respectful to the lease agreement you signed, the property you’re leasing, and by speaking politely to one another.


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