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7 Tips to keep your Home cool this Summer!

If you don’t have an Air conditioning system or want to save money on cooling costs and conserve energy while taking some of the workload off your AC; Here are 7 Tips to keep your home cooler during hot days!

  1. Turn the fan switch to the “on” position

Turning your fan switch to the “on” position instead of leaving it on “auto” will help circulate the air in your home and help rooms that are too hot or cool.

  1. Keep shades closed on extremely hot days

Did you ever wonder how people lived without air conditioning a 100+ years ago? They used the natural shade of trees and closed the curtains/shades to keep the home cooler. Keeping the shades closed on the sunny side of the house will assist in cooling the home on extremely hot days.

  1. Close off unused rooms to conserve energy

If your entire home is not being occupied at the moment, take a few minutes and close the air vents inside the unused rooms or bathrooms. The doors should also be closed to these rooms to conserve energy and force the cool air to stay in the occupied areas of your home.

  1. Consider using ceiling fans to keep you cool

One of the biggest myths about ceiling fans are that they cool the air in a room…not true! The ceiling fan cools the occupant, not the air. A ceiling fan (or floor fan) will dry up the perspiration on your skin and make you feel cooler!

  1. Don’t use appliances on extremely hot days

Did someone say, “let’s go out to dinner”? Not using the stove, dishwasher or dryer on extremely hot days will help keep your home cooler by simply not introducing heat into an already warm environment. Isn’t summer a great time to use the grille and cook outdoors? Who doesn’t love a good BBQ!?! If you do need to use these appliances, try limiting their use to certain times of the day when the outside temperatures are cooler!

  1. Properly maintain your air conditioning unit for maximum efficiency

A properly maintained air conditioning system will yield years of comfort in your home and should keep your utility bills in check. For all of our friends along the shore, this it the time of year we begin to see the impact of salt deterioration on your AC unit. The salt corrodes the aluminum coils which, over time, reduces the capacity it had when it was a newer unit and uses significantly more energy to cool your home. When this happens, it also means the unit itself can’t cool off. The result of this is where we see a lot of shutdowns because the components are being stressed.

  1. Consider upgrading your air conditioning system

When your car gets older and accumulates the miles, it loses power and efficiency over time. Just like your car, an older air conditioning system may not be able to properly cool your home as well as it did when it was first installed.


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